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Why Select The Hickory Group?

Our dedicated staff at The Hickory Group is committed to taking care of our clients' needs. We work most effectively in a relationship as part of the company's management team.

For companies to grow and reach its goals they need motivated, skilled associates. As a working part of a client's company's team we act as another set of eyes and ears in the interviewing process to determine skill set and personality.

This is achieved by performing the best problem solving solutions to deliver highly skilled talent that personally work well with the existing team for our clients.

As a partner, THG goals are to understand our client company's culture and gain a working knowledge of the type people that would excel in their environment. We understand the importance of team work and being a good team player to achieve the success of the overall business.

We propose to assign a Project Manager to our clients. Their experience in relationship recruiting and excelling in helping companies hire motivated leaders while maintaining low turnover.

THG's reputation is built on long term relationships with their clients. The major reason for this is 110 years combined experience of the recruiting team. The key five are seasoned veterans in bringing quality and valued services to their clients. We have built a culture in THG office to produce longevity which produces the same type relationships with their clients.

We have been doing business with the majority of our clients for many years in long-term relationships. These long-term clients depend on us to look after their growing needs for talent. Our goal is to have win-win-win relationship with our customers. A win for our clients is to have a highly skilled and motivated employee. A win for the candidate is to be in a stable challenging environment bringing both professional and personal growth. This produces a win for THG.

Clients grow with the right people. THG takes pride in knowing that the people we bring to our clients are making a difference in the success and growth of the company.

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