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About Us

Our History and Background

The Hickory Group is one of the top 200 offices within the MRI Network. The MRI Network consists of nearly 1100 offices in over 35 countries. Our search consultants are among the top performers in the organization. Since 1983, we have been placing professionals in industries with clients regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Our depth of experience allows us to approach assignments almost anywhere in the world with an understanding of our client's staffing needs, as well as their company culture, their management style, and their business strategy.

Our Philosophy

Professional and ethical service is our benchmark. We offer the highest quality service to our clients. We listen first - that's the key to serving a client's specific needs. This approach results in long-term, trusting relationships that allow client companies to focus on core competencies, while we take care of search and recruitment of the talented people to build the company's future.

Client Focus

Our search professionals are relationship driven. We emphasize trust, respect and confidentiality in our dealings with both clients and candidates.

From the start, we work closely with clients to have a clear understanding of their culture, their values and their business goals. We work to achieve a firm grip on their industry market. We step back and take a look at the big picture so that we can, in collaboration with you, make strategic hiring decisions that will impact your company's business stature. In other words, we become an extension of your human resource group. We are dedicated to our clients in making the best possible hiring decisions whether hiring one key executive or to staff an entire department.

Proven Solutions

As hiring partners, we know there are no simple solutions. Instead, we rely on research, hard work and the expertise that comes with our focused industry knowledge. In today's growing, tight labor market, we realize that the best talent probably isn't actively seeking a new opportunity. That's why we draw upon our experience and resources to make contacts throughout your industry to find exclusive candidates.

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